Jennifer Elise

Registered Yoga Teacher

I originally began my teacher training as a way to learn more about yoga as a philosophy. I wanted to go deeper than what I could get from an hour class and understand the poses on a new level. I had no intention of becoming a teacher after I was finished. I felt that I was not good enough.

That all changed as I went through this training. I found my voice, and more importantly realized that there is value in being imperfect. I learned how to safely guide people through the physical practice while allowing them to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Sharon leads each student to discover their inner teacher. Class discussions were long and deep and no question was dismissed. I learned so much more than I ever thought I would. I highly recommend Samadhi Sun as a teacher training program that leaves you with enough knowledge to teach with confidence. But her continued support after is what really makes the difference.

Nina Kelsch

Registered Yoga Teacher

Samadhi Sun and Ashrams for Autism changed my life! When I got certified to teach yoga under Samadhi Sun, not only did I finally find my career, but I found my purpose. The founder, Sharon Manner, took me under her wing and after I got my 200 hours, introduced me to working with people on the spectrum. Getting certified to work with children and young adults with autism is the most rewarding and beautiful opportunity. I witness miracles everyday as I continue my path helping people on the spectrum through Ashrams for Autism.

Shereen Bernaz

Registered Yoga Teacher

I recently completed my teacher training with Samadhi Sun. It was the most amazing experience! I can't believe how much I learned from the training and how much I grew as a person. It really is life changing! Sharon is such a warm, loving and knowledgeable person and I was privileged to have her as my teacher. Sharon continued to be there for me even after the training was over and is extremely supportive and helpful. The course covered everything from understanding the breathing practice, the meditation practice and the physical practice. I learned a lot, made great friends and I am excited to help others learn the joy and love of yoga.

Maria Stavropoulos

Registered Yoga Teacher

I would like to share a few thoughts about Sharon Manner and her teacher training with Samadhi Sun. Although I have not yet been certified under Samadhi Sun, I have had the amazing opportunity of receiving the most treasured gift a person can receive from my teacher, Sharon Manner. That is because Sharon is a giver. She shared her experiences and her unbiased philosophy of the sutras, taught us the value of meditation through pranayama, and opened her lovely, beach home and tender heart to her yogi students during the weekend yoga retreat. Sharon is a gem and to learn from her is an experience that truly is priceless.

Donna Riedinger

REGISTERED Yoga Teacher and CERTIFIED Personal Trainer

According to Yoga everything happens at the right time. I had practiced yoga for many years then came across this training program on the internet. The training was not only comprehensive with Sutra instruction but it was also fun and nurturing. I learned not only how to teach a yoga class but also how to live a more pure yogic lifestyle. I am grateful to have discovered this teacher training.