Samadhi Sun is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga School which offers a full range of teacher trainings and workshop modules for new and existing teachers. Courses include 200, 500-Hour and Yoga for Autism Teacher Trainings.

Samadhi Sun Yoga School offers the full range of trainings for new and existing teachers.

Our 200-Hour Teacher Training provides a strong foundation for prospective teachers and those wishing to deepen their own practice.

Our advanced modules allow teachers and other healers to create and follow their own path to achieving a 500-Hour advanced teacher certification. Samadhi Sun's flagship Yoga Training for Autism (Samadhi Spectrum) is offered as an elective module or a standalone continuing education course. Samadhi Sun trainings provide a complete and holistic approach to teaching and living a yogic lifestyle.

Sharon Manner is the creator and founder of Samadhi Sun Yoga School and Ashrams for Autism. Her sanskrit name, Sharanya, means "The Giver of Refuge" and perfectly depicts Sharon's compassion and selfless giving to those in need through her teachings and charitable foundation.

Sharon has found that her physical and mental state is at best when practicing yoga and her hope is for others to experience these benefits in order to facilitate a life of peace and contentment. Sharon and her team have successfully guided countless trainees towards becoming compassionate and knowledgeable yoga teachers. Sharon embodies the ultimate goal of yoga and strives to incorporate this philosophy into her daily life and teacher trainings. The yogic knowledge she has acquired can be accredited to Sri Swami Satchidananda, John Margabandhu Martarano, Swami Ramananda, Swami Brahmananda Sivananda, Swami Ashokananda, Mukunda Stiles, Nischala Joy Devi, Guru Darham, Gurmukhi of Kundalini Yoga, Baron Baptiste, Dr. Rachel Hott of NLP Center of New York and many more.