• Samadhi Sun and Ashrams for Autism changed my life! When I got certified to teach yoga under Samadhi Sun, not only did I finally find my career, but I found my purpose. The founder, Sharon Manner, took me under her wing and after I got my 200 hours, introduced me to working with people on the spectrum. Getting certified to work with children and young adults with autism is the most rewarding and beautiful opportunity. I witness miracles everyday as I continue my path helping people on the spectrum through Ashrams for Autism.
    Nina Kelsch
    Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Really, words don't do this justice for me. My brother is on the spectrum am the inspiration for my teaching this. WV is a huge hub for families with autism and it's changed my life to bring this back to my home and share it with people around me. The training was packed with amazing info., qualified teachers that teach with love... I will definitely make the trip back to Nj just to see them. If you are on the fence, really just go and experience yourself! Worth every penny!
    Brittany Stowasser
    Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Your team was a joy to be around. Loved every minute of it. I will apply these tools to my daily life as well as my interactions with my clients! Thank you! I will be sending peace and love to your family and organizational team.
    Special Needs Teacher, Yukon
    Registered Yoga Teacher
  • I truly believe that Samadhi Spectrum can help this population to thrive in leadership positions and government and that their pure intention, loving kindness, and intelligence could be a great asset to our nation. I look forward to working together in the future.
    Linda Colon
    Registered Yoga Teacher
  • I LOVED the training. It was so helpful and so interesting. I learned so many fun facts about the human body regarding breath and nutrition and the benefits of chanting and yoga poses. Since the time of the training, I have enjoyed teaching this population even more than before. It's no longer a guessing game. I know why I'm doing what I'm doing and how it is helping my clients. Having this training has made my job so much more interesting and rewarding. Thank you ever so much for your wisdom, insights and generosity in sharing what you know Sharon, Nancy, Marabandhu, Danielle, Kim, Durga!
    Stacey Pinke
    MS. RD. RCYT, Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Ashrams For Autism's Samadhi Spectrum Training far surpassed any expectations that I had prior to beginning. The holistic and mindful understanding of those on the Autistic Spectrum was both enlightening and informative. The variety of healing modalities addressed were all encompassing and included behavioral/emotional,nutritional, physical, energetic, and spiritual. The caliber of professionals who presented in these areas was outstanding! The experience of being able to bask in the compassion and dedication and positive energy of Sharon Manner and her staff is something I count as an additional blessing in my life.
    Nancie Byrnes
    MSW, Registered Yoga Teacher