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Our Mission

The mission of Ashrams for Autism is to create yoga programs and facilities where individuals with autism can live, work, play and contribute to their community. Utilizing yogic techniques and modern-day scientific advances, these faculties will seek to empower and guide each individual towards peacefully achieving their highest potential.

Our Vision

Started in 2010, Ashrams for Autism grew out of Sharon’s love for her daughter Kerri, who is on the spectrum, and her passion for Yoga. The programs were developed to bring those on the spectrum peace and dignity. Sharon's vision for Ashrams for Autism is to build and grow an ashram community.

Get Involved

Ashrams needs your support to expand our program.  Our ultimate goal is to build an ashram where persons with ASDs can live, work and play as members of a thriving community. Find out how you can be part of the future of Ashrams through research, program building, fundraising or a direct donation.

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